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It was a rainy summer’s day and Jack, Sarah, Kim & Jessica were hanging out at the local mall food court having some lunch after a bit of window shopping. “Man! I’m so lucky I got hang out with you girls today!” Jack said with a smile as he unwrapped his cheeseburger. “This is way better than just staring at the TV all day!!” Jessica smiled “ Yeah, its awesome you could tag along!!” She said taking the lid off her salad. “Hey Kim?? Is your boyfriend going to be mad that I’m here and he’s not??” Jack asked nervously. Kim didn’t answer. She just looked down at her food, sadly. “Oh.” Was all Jack could say at the sight of Kim’s sadness. “Kim and her BF had a huge fight the other night.” Jessica said. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!” Kim suddenly yells out pounding on the table, as tears began to stream down her face. “ Awww” Sarah says as she leaps from her chair to give Kim a hug.  “Its okay, Kim.” She says as she wraps her arms around Kim. “ You should just leave him!!” Jessica says. “ You deserve better than him!” Kim was speechless. “Everything is going be okay.” Jack said. Kim looked up at him with a bit of anger. “Well, lets not make what has been an awesome day at the mall be ruined by him!” Sarah says coming the Jack's rescue. “ Lets go get you something special from one of the shops in here, anything you want!” Jessica exclaims. “Anything?” Kim asks looking up from her tear filled eyes. “ Yep!" Sarah smiled. “Jack?? You in??” Jessica asked.  “ Absolutely!!” Jack replied.

So off they went from food court to the far end of the mall. “ Any idea where you want to start Kim??” Sarah asked. “ I don’t know?” Kim replied. “ Lets just go store by store again. I’m sure something amazing will pop up.” Off they went walking in and out of each store. Working there way from one side of the mall to the other. When suddenly they came upon a rather unusual store that none of them remember ever seeing before. “This place looks interesting.” Sarah pointed out. “ Yeah!! So interesting in fact, that how could we all have missed it when we passed by here earlier??” Jack said with a rather confused look on his face. “ I love it!!” Kim yelled out, a sudden look of joy appearing on her face. “ Well, I guess this is the place!” Sarah said just as exicted as Kim.

As they walked in, they were immediately greeted by a very well dressed elderly woman. “ Hellloo!!” She says with her arms open wide. “ Welcome to my lovely shop. Is there anything I can help you with?” The four of them just smiled. “We just found your shop and really wanted to take a look around.” Kim said. “ Of course my dear.” The shop owner replied. “ I'm here if you need me.”

The shop owner returned to her desk, as everyone began to spread out throughout the shop. They find that the shop is filled with all different kinds of antiques, collectibles, and jewelry. “This place is amazing!!” Jessica said. “Yeah!” Kim and Sarah yelled happily. Jack didn’t say anything, cause his attention was immediately drawn to a bright pink bra on a very well endowed manikin. As he got closer and closer to the bra, Sarah noticed him and began to seek up on him. Jack was in absolute awe of this pink bra.

Then suddenly Sarah appeared behind Jack. “ Careful Jack, your drooling.” Jack suddenly jumped ten feet into the air, knocking over the manikin and sending it crashing to the floor. “Look what you made me do!!” Jack said as he bent down to pick up the manikin, but just as his hand was about to touch the bra, the shop owner ran over and grabbed his wrist before he could. “ NO! Don’t touch that!!” Jack jumped right back up. “ I’m soo very sorry. I didn’t mean to knock it over” Jack said in shock. “Its okay dear.” The shop owner said as she released his wrist. “Its just that only women can touch this bra.” Sarah and Jack both looked at the shop owner puzzled. “ Why?” Sarah asked. “Well my dear, this bra is a magic bra.” The shop owner said as she stood the manikin back up. “ A magic bra??” Sarah asked trying not to laugh. “ Yes my dear, a mistress made this bra.” The shop owner replied. “ What does it do??” Sarah asked. “ Well my dear…. It turns men into women just by touch.” The Shop Owner replied. Jack turned sheet white. “ So, if Jack had grabbed the bra….” “Yes my dear, he would be transformed into a female version of himself.” Sarah smiled an evil smile as she looked at Jack. “What’s the matter Jack? I’d bet you’d make and amazing woman.” “ No way! I like being a man.” Jack began to look very nervous and began to search of a way past Sarah. “Hey Girls!!” Sarah yelled “What!?!” Kim and Jessica replied. “Come over here!!” Jessica and Kim came over and stood with Sarah. “ What is it??” Kim asked. “ What would you think if Jack was girl??” Sarah asked giggling. Kim and Jessica giggled. “ We can use that bra to turn him into one.” Sarah says. “ Okay!” Jessica giggled.  Kim, Jessica and Sarah start to walk toward Jack. Getting closer and closer and just as Sarah was about to grab the bra, they all started laughing. “GOT YA!!!” Jessica yelled. Jack collapsed in relief.

As the girls walked away to explore more of the store. Jack sat there wondering, what it would be like to be a woman. All morning he watched as the girls had such a great time and the thought of being woman seemed more and more like fun. “ There is no way some silly pink bra could turn a man into a woman.” Jack said to himself as he rose to his feet and start his way over to where the girls were.

As he headed in the direction the girls went, he managed to find Kim and Jessica, but Sarah had disappeared. “ Hey Girls! Where is Sarah??” Jack asked. “ She went the bathroom.” Kim replied. “ Okay… Umm girls??” Jack asked nervously. “ Yes??” Jessica and Kim answered. “ Ummm…What would you girls have done to me if you did turn me into a girl?” Jack asked curiously. “ To be honest with you Jack, we like you as you are.” Jessica answered. “Yeah!” Kim agreed. “ But We’d love you more AS ONE OF US!!!!” Suddenly Sarah jumped Jack from behind, shoved the pink bra up Jack’s shirt, wrapped it around Jack’s chest and clipped it on.

A look of terror appeared on Jack’s face, but nothing happened. “ See! Its just a bra. Its not going to turn you into a woman!” Sarah said as she made her way back behind Jack to undo the clip. “Now, lets get this silly thing off of you.” Sarah giggled as she lifted up Jack’s Shirt, but as she began to undo the clip she soon realized that the clip wasn’t coming apart. “ I can’t get it undone!!” She says.  Jessica comes over and tried as well, but as she came around behind Jack, the clip suddenly disappeared. “Its gone!!! The clip is gone!!” Sarah yells as the clip disappeared from her hands. “ How can it be gone??” Kim makes her way around Jack and is also shock to discover the clip was really gone. “Quick! Go find the shop owner!!” Jack yells in panic.

The girls take off around the shop looking for the shop owner, but she was nowhere to be found. “ She’s gone!!” Jessica yells out. “Where could she be??” Sarah asked, but before anyone could find the shop owner, Jack began to feel very strange. “ I feel very strange.” Jack said. Jessica, Kim and Sarah all turned to look at jack and were shocked to discover the pink bra under Jack’s white t shirt was glowing. “ What’s going on??” Jessica said in shock. Sarah and Kim were at a loss for words.

Then suddenly Jack began to shrink. “ What’s going on??” He asked as the world around him seemed to get bigger. In a matter of seconds Jack shrank from his original height of 6’1” to 5’6”. His waist shrank and his hips widened, giving him a more feminine figure. Jessica, Kim and Sarah could only stare in absolute shock as Jack’s face shrank into a delicate feminine shape with full luscious lips, big beautiful blue eyes with long eyelashes.

Then his hair began to change color, from brown to a bright, vivid platinum blonde as it starts to grow down his back. Soon it reached his butt and as it did a pink ombre formed from the tip of his hair and faded away about half way up. So after, his legs became long, feminine and toned as his hips widened more and more to the point they would be the envy of an woman. The girls could only watch in amazement as a gap began to form between his legs and also watch as his manhood slowly sank up into his crotch and became a vagina. Tears began to pour down an absolutely stunned Jack’s face. As all he could do is watch his body become more and more female with every passing moment.  

Then suddenly Jack’s short became very, very tight and his thighs swelled more making his legs even more accenting even more his already very wide hips. Sarah slowly moved around Jack, who was completely frozen in place. As she got behind him, she was shock to discover Jack’s ass had grow in to a huge, luscious and perfectly round ass and as Sarah moved in to examine Jack’s transformation closer. Without warning Jack’s nipple jumped out from his shirt, sending Sarah jumping back to where Jessica and Kim were stood. The three girls looked at each other and knew immediately what was about to happen next and they were right. For beneath Jack’s shirt two lumps started to appear and push there way toward the girls.

Through Jack’s shirt, the girls could see the glowing pink bra slowly filling more and more as Jack began to grow a massive pair of breasts. Past B-cup, Past C-cup, even past DDs. Until they finally reach and bra straining G Cup. Leaving Jack with an absolutely luscious and abouslotely stunning hourglass figure.

“He’s….He’s…..A GIRL!!!” Jessica said in absolute shock. Then without warning Jack’s clothes began to glow as brightly as the bra. His, now her body began to rise up as her male sneakers became a beautiful pair of pink super high heels with glass heels. Her pair of male shorts stretched there way down her sexy legs to her ankles and became a very tight pair of bright pink leggings. Which showed off how truly juicy her new formed ass really was. Then her male t shirt shrank down tightly to her massive g cup breasts and became a bright white tank top that was barely able to contain her massive breasts with the pink bra showing just alittle bit underneath. Then just as the glow of her clothing started to fade her male boxers began to move around inside her leggings and transformed into a very sexy pair of matching pink panties.

Within minutes the whole transformation was done and Jack could finally move again. “OH MY GOD!!” Was all she could get out before realizing even her voice had become feminine as well. Her hands travelled all over her body. Even between her legs where a sudden rush of pleasure hit her as she did. “ This feels soo weird, but sooo amazing at the same time!!” Then after a few more moments of examining, she noticed Sarah, Jessica and Kim just standing there stunned. Jack stumbled her way over to them. “You girls okay?” Jack asked.  “OH MY GOD!!!” All three girls screamed in panic. “ What have we done?!?” Sarah yells out in tears as she drops to her knees. Jack stumbles her way over to Sarah to give her a hug, but as she does Sarah’s head gets completely engulfed by Jack’s massive breasts.

Sarah backs her head from between Jack’s breasts and looks into Jack’s stunning blue eyes. “I’m so sorry!!” She cries out burying her tear soaked face back into Jack’s cleavage. “It’s okay Sarah, to be honest…. I love my new body!” Jack said cuddling Sarah. “ You.. You do??” Sarah said wiping the tears from her eyes. “Yeah! Look at me! I’m a whole hell of a lot sexier then I ever was as a man!” Jack smiled. “You are one sexy woman.” Sarah laughed. “ I’m going to call you Jackie.” Jessica said examining every inch of Jackie. Kim remained speechless. “Is everything okay, Kim??” Jackie asked. Kim didn’t reply. She just looked down at her own body. Kim was a very skinny girl with barely any curves. She began to cry, but as she did the elderly shop owner, like she could sense it, suddenly reappeared. “ What’s wrong there my dear??” the shop owner asked. Kim didn’t reply, just continued  to examine her own body. The shop owner looked at Jackie and then back at Kim. “ Was he your boyfriend??” Kim just shook her head “no” in response. The shop owner soon realized what was wrong. “ You wish you had Jackie’s body don’t you?” the Shop Owner asked. Kim burst into tears and dropped to her knees. The shop owner smiled as see looked at Jackie and then lent down beside Kim and whispered into her ear. “If you kiss her, she will make you as you wish.” Kim’s eyes immediately lit up and as if she was possessed. She rose to her feet, looking right at Jackie. “ What is it Kim?? What did she say?” Jackie asked looking at a slowly approaching Kim.

As Kim got closer she placed her hands around Jackie’s waist and began kissing Jackie with an unbelievable amount of passion. A look of shock appeared on Jackie’s face, but isn’t long before Jackie’s look of shock becomes a look of absolute enjoyment.

Then without warning the pink bra begins to glow underneath Jackie’s top along with her pink lip gloss on her lips. The glow from both was so bright it was almost blinding. Suddenly, Kim is launched back away from Jackie, stumbling, but managing to keep her balance. “ Wow! What was that?!?!” Jessica said rubbing her eyes. “I don’t know!” Jackie said. “But it felt really.. REALLY GOOD!!!

Suddenly Kim’s breathing became heavy and she let out an incredibly pleasure filled moan. “Ooohh mmmyyy Gooooddddd!! I feel amazing!!!” Kim yelled out as her body begins to orgasm over and over again. “YES! YES! YES!” Kim yelled out as they became more and more intense. Suddenly Kim began to grow taller, matching Jackie’s height in just a matter of seconds. Louder and louder she moaned as her once narrow hips, widened into an absolutely gorgeous curves, that her skinny jeans struggled to contain.

Kim’s slid her hands over her newly formed hips, moaning louder as she did. She moved her hands to her butt just in time to feel it begin to grow. “Mmmm, my ass is growing!” She announced as her ass grew bigger and rounder and within minutes her jeans reached her limits. Soon Kim’s jeans exploded into bits of denim. Leaving Kim standing there in nothing, but her black panties, which were giving her a massive wedgey, as her ass continued to grow.

Soon Kim’s ass had become as massive, juicy and round. She moaned louder as she ran her hands all over it. Then without warning her hands shot up to her chest, where a loud snap suddenly shifted all of the attention from her massive ass, to  her newly formed C- cup breasts which had started to grow just after her jeans ripped apart. “ She’s becoming as sexy as you, Jackie!! How did you do that?!?! Jessica asked in amazement. “I thought only the bra effected men.” Sarah said confused. “ I don’t know what I did, She just ki…”

Before Jackie could finish, she was immediately pounced by both Sarah and Jessica. Each on kissing Jackie was just as much passion a Kim did before her transformation and just like Kim, both  Sarah and Jessica flew back and started moaning incredibly loudly.

At this point Kim’s body had become this absolute goddess. Her breasts had grown to a G cup, her waist had narrowed giving her and amazing hourglass figure and her previously blonde hair become a very vivid red and travelled right past her big luscious. “ OH MY GOD!!! I FEEL AMAZING!!!” She exclaimed running her hands up and down her incredibly sexy figure and just as her hands returned from her hips to her waist, Kim’s top began to glow. Jackie watches in awe as Kim’s tightly stretched top begins to spread over her  becoming a very sexy two piece PVC outfit with high heeled boots that go half way up her thighs with laces traveling all the way up.

Once Kim’s transformation finished, her  beautiful green eyes locked onto Jackie’s and the second they did she gently bit down on her lower lip. She slowly began to strut up to Jackie. Walking in a slow and very seductive manor. “ Mmmm I feel very, very, very horny!!” She moans as she inches ever so closer to Jackie.

As she reaches Jackie , she slowly slides her hands around Jackie’s waist. “ Mmmm, You’re very sexy, aren’t you?” Kim says as her hands slowly travel up Jackie’s body, up to her massive breasts. Jackie shuttered a little as Kim’s hands moved closer and closer to her nipple. Kim smiled a sexy smile. “ Ohhhh That feels nice, doesn’t it??” She said as she moved her hands back down Jackie’s tiny waist, over her very wide hips and onto massive ass. Jackie could not control herself. These new feeling washed over her and with out a second though, Jackie grabbed hold of Kim’s ass as well. “OH!!! ME LIKE!!!” Kim moans as she leans in and begins to make out with Jackie.

Meanwhile, on the floor behind them. Sarah was on top of Jessica, moaning into her mouth  as the pair of them began there transformation. Both holding each other as tight as they could  as there rapidly growing breasts began to push them apart. Jessica’s hands moved to Sarah’s ass just in time to feel her ass begin grow and her own ass begin to push both of them up from the floor. Sarah and Jessica moan louder and louder as the level of pleasure grows stronger in their bodies.

After a few moments both girls rise to their feet revealing their new transformed bodies. “ MMM!!! I FEEL AMAZING!!” Jessica said running her hands up and down her body. “MMMmm!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!” Sarah replied in absolute pleasure. “And you taste amazing!!!” Sarah grabbed Jessica again and returned to making out unbelievably passionately.

As they do, just like Jackie and Kim, both of there shredded outfits began to glow. Jessica’s skirt shrank down and became skin tight and transformed into a very sexy pair of bright pink yoga shorts with a white band around her tiny waist that were barely able to contain her massive ass. Her top began to move next and as it did she moaned in incredible pleasure as her top transformed into a bright pink sports bra with white accents and finally her shoes became a cute pair of bright pink running shoes.

Then Sarah’s clothes began move. Her shoes began to transform first and morphed into a very sexy pair of super high heel cowgirl boots, Her jeans shrink down to a very small and very very tight pair of Daisy Duke short that didn’t quite cover her luscious ass. Showing a bit of butt cheek out of each side and her top which was completely ripped to shreds, morphed into a cute, little black tank top with a white lace bra underneath. The white lace showing above the V-neck, giving a beautiful accent to Sarah’s massive breasts which were overflowing both the bra and the top.

Soon all the transformations were done. “ Oh MY GOD!!” Jessica yelled out examining her new look. “ This is amazing!!” Sarah exclaimed making sexy possess. “ I never knew being a woman felt soooo goooodd!!!” Jackie said moaning, rubbing her newly formed clit and squeezing on of her breasts. “Oh I’d Say!!” Kim moaned as she examined every inch of Jackie “Let me help you with that!” Kim moved right up against Jackie and moves Jackie’s hand from between her leg to between her own and begins kissing her passionately as she slides her hand in between Jackie’s legs and starts rubbing. Sarah and Jessica seeing this , both look at each other, smile and being doing the same to each other.

After a few moments and many orgasms. The girls all catch their breath. “So.. What do you girls want to do now??” Jackie asked “SHOPPING!!!” They all shouted.

So off they went back into the mall, all in a line with one hand on each others butts and as they walk away, Kim looks back at the shop, where the shop owner was standing. She winks and the elderly woman smiles in response. “ Have fun deary!!” And with that off the four girls went for an awesome time at the mall.

The End
An Awesome Day at the Mall
Hey Everyone!! I know i haven't written in a while because of a completely lack of free time over the past few years. i hope you all enjoy this one and i will do my best to get more stories out to you!!



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Hey everyone,

just letting you all know im still alive. Just been incredibly busy theses days with work, but i am finding time to work on a couple stories, including one request. thank to all how have visited and enjoyed my stories. I do hope to get more out there in time.

Inu-flation- 60%

Upcoming Stories:
A Crystal Bra Tale: 20%
TG Ghost Story: 25%

thanks again


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