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April 25, 2006
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A Girl with the Inflating Dream

It was a sunny day and I was inside writing my tenth inflation to post on the internet. Once I had finish writing the story, I began to proof read it and when I got to the inflation part I couldn’t believe how bad it was. So I ripped it up and threw it into the trash with my other thousand attempts. “I just can’t get it.” I thought to myself. “I can’t make the inflation seem real.” I turned and looked at the clock and which read ten o’clock. “ Oh well I will do it in the morning, but man I wish I could inflated and then I could really write the feels of being inflated into my stories, but I know that will never happen.” Then I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke and went downstairs to get the newspaper and when I opened to door I discovered a box that was addressed to me. “I don’t remember ordering anything?” I said to myself. I picked up the box and brought it inside. Then I ran upstairs to get changed and work on my story.

Hours passed and then suddenly I hear a knocking at the door. I got up and opened the door and their stood my friends Kim and Rachel with sleeping bags. “Were here for your sleepover.” Kim said. “What sleep over?” I asked. “You know the sleep over u planed a few days ago.” Rachel said. “Oh!” I replied suddenly remembering the sleep over. “You can leave your stuff in the living room that’s where we will spend the night.”  The girls throw there stuff on the floor and the party began, I went into the kitchen to open the box and inside the box was four six-pack cases of some bottled drink. On the label it read BalloonaSprite. “BalloonaSprite I’ve never heard of it.” I pulled out one of the bottles and put the rest of the case in the frig and I began to walk back to meet the girls. As I walked I began to read the label and it read. “For Indoor use and where loose clothing. One full serving for best results.” “What is this some kind of joke?” I thought to myself, but I check to see what I was wearing. I was wearing a loose fitting blue blouse and a pair of white sweatpants which were kind of loose to.

When I got into the living room I sat on the couch and watched the movie that the girls had already start with out me. As I watch the movie I drank down the whole bottle of BalloonaSprite. I didn’t know what to expect, but the taste was wonderful and light. Then suddenly I began to feel gassy and my blouse began to become tighter. I looked down and I was shocked to discover the two lumps that suddenly appeared on my chest. “What’s happening to me?” I thought as the lumps quickly became mounds and began to round out under the fabric of the blouse. “Jenn, you breast there growing!” Katie said pointing. I didn’t answer, I just watched as my breast grew larger and larger thinking to myself. “It feels strange and wonderful at the same time.” Then my blouse's neckline began separate a exposing the skin of my chest. The girls all gasped audibly as they realized what was happening. “Were they....inflating?” Kim said. A sense of joy came over me and hearing the reaction I began to smile and I continued to look down at my swelling chest. As the inflation continued, the blouse's fabric began moving across the surface of the mounds, separating the blouse's neckline enough to reveal my newfound cleavage beneath.  Then feeling soon became intoxicing. "This feels wonderful!” I said stroking my new cleavage lightly with my fingertips. Then I wrapped my forearms around the sides of each and I interlaced my fingers, hugging myself as my elbows were slowly pushed out by the inflation. When I did this, I could hear a little squeak as each breast rubbed against the other. I giggled.

Soon, my expanding chest had gotten so big that I could no longer hold my hands together. As I unlocked my fingers, my hands sprang apart. I now had the most impressive cleavage that anyone had ever seen. Then I moved my hands away to seen what would happen and suddenly to my amazement, each breast bobbled upward. Then suddenly my hips started to swell outward and then I felt a funny push for behind slowly pushing my off the couch. I turned the best I could behind me, but I saw nothing, but I could fell my pants tightening across my bottom. I put my hands to my butt and I discovered that I had expanded there as well! My butt had pumped up a very noticeable several inches and it pushed me away from the couch. My butt was actually large enough now that I could twist around and see it. Soon after my swelling thighs were pushing my legs apart, making my knees press together.

Once the inflation ceased I stood up and bouncing up on my toes, I was amazed at how weightless I felt. “Wow! I feel so light on my feet, like I'm going to float away” I said in amazement. I explored my new body, sliding my hands between my breasts and ribcage. They actually did feel like balloons. They weren't tight, but instead were soft. My hips felt enormous as they flared out from my tiny waist.  The girls were still speechless, but just when I thought it was all over, my belly started inflating. I could believe how fast it was going. It was inflating like a big balloon. My belly continued to swell and soon I couldn't see my feet, my whole midsection had filled up, bulging out between my blouse and my tights. Then I began to fell light on my feet. Then suddenly I realized that I was no longer touch the floor. Slowly I was rising off the ground and began me trip up two stories to the living room ceiling with my belly still growing. “This is wonderful!” I yelled. “I’m a giant parade balloon!” I continued upward, waving my hands in the air to maneuver myself around. I held onto my bulging midsection as my belly filled more and more.

When I finally got to the ceiling my belly was gigantic I couldn’t even get my hands a third of the way around my body. “What happened to you?” Katie yelled from the floor below, “I don’t know, but it wonderful you have to try it!” I yelled in replied. The girls didn’t answer. “Would you toss up my note book I have to write the so I remember!” “When will you come down?” Kim yelled. “I never want to come down. I want to be like this forever!!” I yelled. “Will then we will join you, but how did you get this way?” Katie asked. “There’s a case of drinks in the frig. All you have to do is drink one.” I explained. After the girl drank there bottle, and inflated we left the confines of the house and traveled to world.

This is a story for all the bi lovers out there
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